Welcome to DCSA (lockers at Durham College and Ontario Tech)

Online Locker Rental

You will require

University Username/Password

Debit/Credit Card/Prepaid Credit Card

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Please note:

This website will rent you a locker for the following buildings:

  • Gordon Willey Building;
  • Whitby Campus (Shop area and CSTT); and
  • UA 1st and 2nd floor.

This website will not rent you a locker for the following areas and programs:

  • Centre for Collaborative Education (CFCE) (lockers in the CFCE is day use only);
  • Centre for Food (CFF) (please contact the Whitby Academic Office);
  • Ontario Tech (besides UA 1st and 2nd Floor);
  • Access and Support Centre (please contact ASC Office);
  • Media Art and Design L Wing Art locker (MAD) (please contact MAD Office); and
  • OYAP and CICE Students (please contact your academic department).